Our Collaborators

Meet Leah

As a woman and mother, Leah understands the complexity that arises when trying to support everyone around you while trying to find yourself.  Some days you feel as if you cannot get anything done and the pressures of everyday life are too overwhelming.  The anxiety can be debilitating and bring you to your knees.  You feel lost, confused, and frustrated.  I am here for you.  
Leah received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from La Salle University.  She is trained to see clients’ experiences from a systems perspective meaning she looks at everything that influences you.  That could be past and present relationships, life experiences, and pressures from society regarding what it means to be a woman or a mother.  After 18 years of working with individuals and families intensely in their homes and in an office setting, it is clear that each woman’s struggle is unique. Leah supports her clients throughout their healing with empathy, understanding and compassion.  She listens as they tell her their story, and together they will uncover insights that propel her clients forward and offer them more clarity.

Meet Jen

Jennifer is a local wellness provider and youth yoga teacher who is driven to make her practices accessible for any-body.  She specializes in teaching yoga and mindfulness classes for youth through a diverse abilities and trauma-informed lens. Jennifer’s expertise is supported by her B.A. in Psychology and a decade of working with children. She also enjoys providing support for adults through mindful movement and therapeutic practices.  The heart of Jennifer’s mission is to teach others how to feel good from within by creating an integrative and transformative mind-body experience for all.